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With Facebook, you have an huge opportunity to reach your customers where they're hanging out online.

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Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Facebook boasts over 2 billion active users, with users spending several hours per week on it. It is also one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising nowadays. The CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, on Facebook ranges from $5-10. It allows you to spend less than $10 and reach over 1,000 target audience. 

Facebook ads presents the opportunity for all sizes of businesses to reach the desired audience and sell directly to them. Businesses who manage Facebook ads successfully can significantly grow the business in a predictable, measurable way. 

Facebook ads is fundamental to the success of business owners who wish to grow quickly  and effectively.



We help you to set your audience precisely for most profitable results. 




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It is  simple to create Facebook ad, but difficult to truly make it  successful and profitable.

Facebook makes several billion dollars per year in advertising revenue, over 40% of Facebook Marketers struggle to see significant results.

Advanced Facebook tactics we employ for our clients include A/B split testing, remarketing and lookalike audiences, as well as conversion optimization. We help our clients build effective ads and continue to optimize for profitable results. We test variations of ads to see which one performs the best.


And to measure performance, we install conversion pixels on your website to monitor the exact number of leads and conversion you receive in a specific period of time. Our goal is to implement a profitable Facebook ads campaign. 



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How We Work For Facebook Ads And Social Media Advertising


Understanding Your Business

In order to help your business grow with Facebook advertising, we will need to understand more about you. We'll research your industry, and come away with a psychological understanding of your customers and how to appeal to them while they're on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

If you have ran ads in the past, we will take a look at historical campaigns and data to determine the strategy. We will conclude our discovery process through delivering a comprehensive campaign that outlines how we plan to proceed.


Build Facebook Ads

We will start creating the Facebook ad copy, contents, and descriptions that will appear in your ads. And we'll create multiple forms of each ad so we can split test them inside the live campaigns in order to consistently increase click through rate and conversion while decreasing your cost per conversion over time.


Target Audience Strategy Development

Social media advertising campaigns actually have an unlimited combination of targeting methods. From remarketing lists to in-market segments, there's no shortage of ways to show your ads to the people that most likely to purchase what you sell.


But how you ultimately target your ad impressions is the most important element of a successful campaign, and we have the experience to help you. Once your campaigns are live, we're constantly testing new permutations of available targeting methods based on data and analysis. 


Ad Optimization and Data Analysis

The businesses that are most successful with Facebook ads campaigns are the ones that can read and analyze their campaign data, spotting trends and patterns that tell a meaningful story.


Our team takes the time and effort to analyze the data from your campaigns, using your performance results to optimize your account. We work on improving campaign and ad  structure while building new ads. We use the data at the targeting method level to test new ideas and strategies that will maximize your ROI..


Management fee

Our social media Ads management pricing ranges from 15%-20% of total advertising dollars on social media platform per month. This price varies based on monthly budget and the service items. 

Account setup fee

There is a one-time setup fee of $100 associated with our social media ads management service. 

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